From left to right : Prio, Tigin, Rio, Olive, Hasrul, Adhi, and Charlie

The 18th ALSA UI E-comp has ended last week and IDC has successfully gained a relatively satisfying results. In this year’s ALSA UI, IPB sent two teams consist of Adhi Hardiansyah, M.Anwari “Rio” Sugiharto, and Prio Nugroho as IPB A, Hasrul Abdurrahman, Olivia M.T, and Tigin Gustina Saputra as IPB B. Both team successfully breaking into octo final, making this one of the most successful result in ALSA UI for IDC. While both team were unable to go into quarter final round, they were able to debate with the grand finalist in this year’s ALSA UI, EDS UI A and Atma Jaya A, thus hopefully giving them valuable experiences to be used in later competition. The N1 adjudicators also got a good result in this competition, Charlie Sanjaya and Denny Aprilio Pratama were able to be panel adjudicators since the first round and Charlie Sanjaya also able to got 15th position as last breaking adjudicator.

The debaters with their LOs.

The full tabulation has been published by the adjudicator core, and you can see the tabulation for adjudicator here and tabulation for debaters here. Our Matter-Man, Rio, got the highest speaker score among other IPB debaters while Adhi, the Walking Wikipedia was the only one who got solid 76 in his speaker score. Meanwhile, Charlie got B as his accreditation and Denny got C. This result also means that some of us has fulfilled the wager set by our coach/supreme commander/MUN General, M.Esa Putra and I believe there will be some boxes of Domino Pizza waiting at IDC secretariate tomorrow evening.


The delegates of ALSA UI 2014 wanted to sincerely thank all people involved in our training and also apologize for any misbehavior done by us. We won’t reach this far only by our power, but because of the supports we got, we were able to break proudly in this competition. Now that we knew that working hard is equivalent to good result, let’s continue to work even harder from now on.

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