As a part of 4th Indonesian Climate Change Education Forum and Expo, DNPI colaborating with JICA held the 2nd Climate Change Debate Competition from 3rd until 4th of May 2014 with a format of british parliamentary debate. In this competition, IPB sent three teams, but only one of them purely consisted of IDC members, Prio Nugroho and M. Anwari “Rio” Sugiharto. They also joined ALSA UI Debate Competition held three days before Climate Change Debate, making the preparation for this competition so little. Still, that fact doesn’t reduce their vigor to join this competition even a slightest bit.

The preliminary round had all the teams separated into several rooms with each room got 4 teams. Every team who won the 1st and 2nd position automatically advanced into octo final round. This preliminary round started not as smooth as expected, since our team, which compete with Unsoed, UNJ, and STKIP got 3rd position. This doesn’t mean they can’t advance since there’s a stipulation where the remaining 2 spots in octo final that were still vacant will be filled by two 3rd rankers with highest score. Turns out that our IDC team got the highest score among all 3rd rankers, making them advanced to quarter final. Another dramatic way to break from IDC members.

The quarter final round was also passed successfully with IDC got 2nd position there. In semi final they faced Unsoed, Binus, and Unpad as a closing government.  Somehow both Rio and Prio misread “Ecoterrorism” with “Ecotourism” in this round,  a really fatal mistake which fortunately can be fixed since they have some time until their speech, I can’t even imagine what happened if they were an opening government on that round. In the end, this round ended with them in 3rd position, while at least they have to get 2nd to advance, so close yet so far.

Our smiling delegates :)
Our smiling delegates :)

Prio and Rio might not advance to grand final, but seeing how little the time they got to prepare and that they are able to advance to semi final, their work is worthy to be applauded. It’s also a good “warming up” for Prio who will be a delegate for UADC in the end of May and Rio who will join another national british parliamentary debate competition, NUDC at the middle of June. Good job for both of them and good luck for their next competitons.

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