Today IDC has decided to announce its delegates for their upcoming debate competition, UADC (United Asians Debating Championships) and NUDC (National University Debate Competition).  The delegates were chosen carefully and hopefully will continue to bring satisfying result for IDC.

Delegates for UADC :

1. Yos Rizal Prima Saputra – Debater

2. Prio Nugroho – Debater

3. M. Esa Putra – Debater

4. Mrs. Alfa Chasanah – N1

This team consists of our best seniors who are rich of experience in debating in many competitions . We are sure these debaters are going to show the very best performance IDC can deliver in the international level. In this one of the most prestigious competition IDC joined in this year, we will be waiting for the good news they brought from Singapore, along with the souvenirs of course.

Delegates for NUDC :

1. Adhi Hardiansyah – Debater

2. M. Anwari Sugiharto – Debater

3. Rizka Oktarianti Ainun Jariah – N1

This team has The Walking Wikipedia and The Matter-Man combining their power in this competition. Both of them did well in previous ALSA as a team and became two of the best speakers from IPB, we’re sure the chemistry between them will be even stronger in this competition. The expectation for them is big since this year we are aiming to reach semi final, the best result IDC ever had in NUDC. Let’s hope the combination of both will be able to do so!

The delegates have been training since the beginning of  May after 2nd Climate Change Debate has ended with delegates of both competition training together everyday. Seeing that we need additions to make a complete british parliamentary debate or asian parliamentary debate, all of you IDC members are invited to join the training at POMI everyday at 6 p.m. when there’s no weekly training and 9 p.m when there’s weekly training.  Everyone’s presence to help the training will be very well appreciated!

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