Today, the delegates for JOVED 2014 have been announced right away after the last session of JOVED internal competition. This year’s internal competition is separated into two sessions where the first was done last week and open to all members of IDC. The comitte decided these delegates of JOVED holistically, meaning the internal competition was not the only deciding factor, but also the achievements and growth of each member during training and so on. This year IDC has decided to send three teams to Semarang, and the lucky delegates are :


  1. Olivia Mellyana Tjiptoputri – Debater
  2. Tigin Gustina Saputra – Debater
  3. Anwari “Rio” Sugiharto – Debater
  4. Denny Aprilio Pratama – N1

It was quite a coincidence that all of them are the delegates of previous ALSA UI 2014 and also the first year debater of IDC. They all might be juniors, but their hunger for glory and experience is not to be underestimated. With a mentality honed in the competition and rigorous training in last competition, they are ready to go to Semarang and bring yet another satisfying result from JOVED.


  1. Haris Zamaludin – Debater
  2. Dwi Rizki Julistia – Debater
  3. Kirana Khansa Haryadi – Debater
  4. Grace Natalia – N1

This team consists of novice debaters and adjudicator, all of them are first timer in a competition. This competition will be a great experience for them and  really valuable for their growth as debaters and adjudicator. But of course they aren’t there only to gain experience, the expectation for them won’t be any less just because they are novice debaters. I also personally believe that their unleashed potentials in JOVED are worthy to be anticipated.


  1. Yos Rizal Prima Saputra – Debater
  2. Prio Nugroho – Debater
  3. Muchammad Esa Putra – Debater
  4. Charlie Sanjaya – N1

If we take out that N1 there, then we will get a team full of experienced seniors. The debaters are also the delegates for UADC, meaning they will go to JOVED carrying the experience of competing in international level. All of them also have never stopped training since the preparation of ALSA UI, Yos and Esa were in charge for training and Prio is also the delegate of ALSA UI and after that they are preparing for UADC, while Charlie also has accompanied them almost all the time. With this amount of training, I think it’s safe to expect great things coming from this team.

This year IDC will go to JOVED with the official target to make all three teams breaking proudly there and special for the novice team, to snatch the very first JOVED novice trophy there! IDC has never got to go further from preliminary rounds before and we are determined that this would change this year. Of course to fulfill those targets there’s a lot to work on, so the one in charge for training has prepared the training menu which is made to extort every bit of potential the delegates have. The training for JOVED delegates will begin as soon as possible, and the training schedule for the delegates can be downloaded here. Once again, congratulations for all delegates and good luck!

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