National University Debate Competition a.k.a NUDC is an annual british parliamentary debate competition held by DIKTI. This competition is not only the most prestigious debate competition in Indonesia, but also having a ticket to compete in World University Debate Competition as the prize to the winner of this competition. To be able to compete in this competition, each university has to pass the selection held by kopertis the university belongs to before going to national round on next August.

As for the result of Kopertis 3 selection which ended on Juny 19th, Adhi Hardiansyah and M.Anwari Sugiharto as delegates of IPB succesfully broke 5th/6th in preliminary round and ended as semi finalist. Their advance stopped when they were placed 3rd in semi final against BINUS, UI, and certain university. While advancing to grand final is of course a better result, being a semifinalist is an enough result to make them able to go to national level. As delegates of Kopertis 3, IPB will join UI, UPH, Binus, Universitas Bakrie, Universitas Paramadina, UKI, and STM Trisakti to compete in National level.

In the N1 category, Charlie Sanjaya as the N1 adjudicator also got to break first as N1 adjudicator. This achievement made him able to be a chair in the last preliminary round and adjudicate the elimination round, even he also got to be a panel in grand final round. With this, all delegates of IPB successfully made it into national round, either as debater or adjudicator, fulfilling the our own target in this competition.

While the result of this competition is relatively good, IPB team still needs a lot to work on. In national level, IPB will face another strong universities from all over Indonesia, the competition there will be a lot tougher than competition in kopertis 3, the delegates need to keep on evaluating themselves and increasing their skills in order to make another good, satisfying result from NUDC. Scheduling training will be quite a challenge, because the preparation time will be right in the middle of holiday, but surely delegates will find a way to do training, even when it will sacrifice their holiday.

Once again, congratulation for Adhi, Rio, and Charlie! Your journey hasn’t ended here, keep working hard and break lots of legs in NUDC!

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