JOVED 2014 has ended yesterday, and IPB succesfully took home another result we should be proud of from this oldest asian debate competition in Indonesia. This year’s JOVED was held in PGRI Semarang and have signifficant differences with previous JOVED. For example the assesment of adjudicators will be purely done by debaters, either the adjudicator is a chair, trainee, and panel. This year was also the first JOVED which has novice break category, a break category special for newbie debaters who hasn’t advance to main break in another national level debate competition in Indonesia or breaking as a best speaker.



In individual level, Yos Rizal Prima Saputra was able to be 4th best speaker in novice category, making a sweet achievement in his last year as novice debater. In N1 category, Charlie Sanjaya also able to break in 37th position, making him able to adjudicate main break octo final round and novice semi final round. These achievements as individuals hopefully will be a motivation for them to develop either as debater or adjudicator.


As teams, all of IPB teams ended preliminary round with 3 vps. Unfortunately for IPB C and IPB A, those vps are not enough for main break. IPB A was especially so close in advancing, they started this competition with 2 straight loses but has done great works to have 3 vps in a row in later rounds. That took them to bubble room in 6th round, but sadly UNPAR A won in that deciding match for both teams. IPB C also weren’t so lucky, some of their losses were really close debates and their last victory against BINUS B was not enough to place them in breaking list. IPB B however, got to break into 2nd place in novice category. They were able to emerge victorious in last preliminary round, which was a bubble room also against UNPAR B. Their advance in novice category didn’t stop until grand final where they faced UNDIP A. After a really close debate in split decision 4 to 3, without dissenting chair, they finally has to acknowledge that UNDIP A was better than them in that debate. IPB finally has to be satisfied to take home trophy as runner up in novice category.


Truth to be told, not all of our goals were fulfilled in this competition. We still aren’t able to overcome our results in previous JOVED by advancing in main break elimination rounds, and our goal to win JOVED 1st Novice category were not fulfilled. However, we believe that competing in this competition has given us tremondous experience to develop ourselves later in the future. This competition was not only producing chance for us to make achievement, but big push towards betterment either as debaters or adjudicators. Some evaluation regarding training method and delegates’ development has been done also and improvement in next competition will be pursued and expected. If anything, this competition has made IDC even stronger than before.

Lastly, let’s not forget to applaud our delegates for our delegates in this competition. They have done their best and of course it’s worthy to be appreciated. This result might be frustating for most of us, but let’s turn this frustation into even harder effort to pursue achievement, make use of our chance in next competition and ensure this bitter feeling won’t be there again after competition.

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