Today, the delegates for JOVED 2014 have been announced right away after the last session of JOVED internal competition. This year’s internal competition is separated into two sessions where the first was done last week and open to all members of IDC. The comitte decided these delegates of JOVED holistically, meaning the internal competition was Read More →

In 2014 IPB Debating Community (IDC) send one team to compete in United Asian Debating Championship (UADC) 2014 in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore.NTU UADC 2014 will be held on 25th May-2nd June 2014.UADC is the biggest english parliamentary debating tournament in Asia.Beside IPB,12 teams from Indonesia also join this great tournament.They are Universitas Indonesia,Universitas Read More →

Today IDC has decided to announce its delegates for their upcoming debate competition, UADC (United Asians Debating Championships) and NUDC (National University Debate Competition).  The delegates were chosen carefully and hopefully will continue to bring satisfying result for IDC. Delegates for UADC : 1. Yos Rizal Prima Saputra – Debater 2. Prio Nugroho – Debater 3. Read More →

CONGRATS , for those who have been selected as IPB delegation in the upcoming JOVED debate competitions. After our IDC President 2010-2011, Rafili Muhammad Hilman, discussed with Mrs. Alfa Chasanah, the mechanism of name selection is taken from INTERCOMP Performance, attendance in training(s), and activity in IDC, finally they announced the list of the team Read More →